Saturday, 2 October 2010

Fujifabric in U.S.A

The 4th album, "Chronicle" was successfully recorded in Sweden in 2009, and Fujifabric was (is)
planning to expand their market seeking a global audience.
Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (former founding member of Jellyfish), Merrymakers and a lot more musicians cooperated with Fujifabric and released wonderful albums.

Today, please allow me to introduce you an interesting indie music blog, Obscure Sound run by Mr. Mike Mineo in New York, U.S.A.
His professional insight about indie music is outstanding as a result of his adept experience, and unlike the majority of the music websites in the west, a great variety of music from foreign countries are introduced there.
I strongly recommend this website to music lovers all over the world.

As Mike introduces quite a few rock bands from Japan, Fujifabric has been highly evaluated for their 3rd album, "Teenager" released in January 2008.
Please find more details in Comfortable Fujifabric for a Teenager.

For Fujifabric fans in Japan, it is exceedingly encouraging to see our favourite band is recognized as a rock band with great instrumental technique and flair with stellar songwriting skill in the field of west-born music.

Mr. Shimura could not see his dream comes true, but the other three members, Mr. Daisuke Kanazawa, Mr. Souichiro Yamauchi and Mr. Shinichi Kato announced that they will continue their activity as Fujifabric, so let's liven them up!

Enjoy listening to "Kinen Shashin" and "Strawberry Shortcakes", which celebrated their high evaluation in the country beyond the Pacific Ocean.

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