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Akaneiro No Yuuhi Part 3 (The Madder Red Setting Sun Part 2 : English Translation of Post on 5th Oct)


Today is the last post on "Akaneiro No Yuuhi" (The Madder Red Setting Sun).

There must be quite a few of you who remember the most memorable "Akaneiro No Yuuhi" sung by Mr. Shimura Masahiko at Fuji Goko Cultural Centre in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi on the 31st May 2008.

Unfortunately, I could not go to the concert, but thanks to FAB BOX and DVD accompanied with a single CD of "Sugar!", I was lucky enough to watch one of the best "Akaneiro  No Yuuhi" (The Madder Red Setting Sun).
Thank you to all those who were involved in the project of the DVD!
Fujifabric fans all over the world who could not make on that day, can share the touching stage with Japanese fans.
Before the song, Mr. Shimura talked about what this song was all about, but that "Akaneiro No Yuuhi" must be put many kinds of feelings.
On that day, all his inward hardships had been rewarded on the stage.

Fujifabric made the concert hall in Mr. Shimura's hometown full up with the audience from all over Japan, and they could also show how much fans are found of them to his relatives, family and friends.
It really means a lot to Japanese.
You have done so well, Mr. Shimura, and we are so proud of you!

I pay the most respect to you as being a fan of Fujifaric, a person from the same hometown with you, and as a Japanese.

On the 17th July 2010, the special concert,  "Fuji Fuji Fuji Q" presented by Fujifabric was help at Conifer Forestin Fuji Q Highland in Fujiyoshida City.
Japanese musicians who have close and friendly ties with Fujifabric came on stage and sung their favourite songs of Fujifabirc's.
I felt deep sorrow to watch the stage where Mr. Shimura was not on when his dream came true.
Regardless of sorrow of the 16,000 audience, it became a memory of my lifetime, and I will surely never forget.

"Akaneiro No Yuuhi" that Mr. Tamio Okuda sung was so moving.
I was not moved only by his singing ability or performance, but I was also so glad to confirm with my eyes that Mr. Okuda, who was Mr. Shimura's most admirable predecessor, sung a representative song of Fujifabric's.
Mr. Okuda has a reputation of being one of the stellar songwriters in Japan, and he sung this song in Shimura-kun's hometown.
He did a great job... Well done, Shimura-kun!! - I was thinking.

Each race has their own way of attachment to their hometown.

From my personal experience, Chinese immigrants persist and become rather protective of their family bond, custom and culture, but they do not really mind where they live much.
This might be the key how Chinese immigrants survived well in foreign countries and managed to settle down so bravely.

On the other hand, Thais have a similar concept towards "home" with Japanese, I often feel.
Especially Isaan people (Thai natives living in the northeastern part of Thailand) get so excited to watch luuk thung (Thai traditional songs) singers from their hometown on TV, and they brag to each other!
Even from the different prefecture, Issan people feel closer to each other when find out the person is from Issan area.
The part that they cheer and expect a lot from a politician from your hometown sounds similar to Japanese, too!

Relation between neighbours in the town is based on strong ties in countryside in Thailand and also in Japan, and that can be one of the reasons their deep attachment to the hometown.

Interestingly, "Akaneiro No Yuuhi' is quite popular among Thais around me.
My friend said to me, "I can imagine how Mr. Shimura felt..." with little tears in her eye after I explained the background of this song.
It seems to me that there is something special in this song striking Thai people's heart, and I am so glad to see it as a big fan of Fujifabric's.

Over last three days, "Akaneiro No Yuuhi" has been looked from various points of view.
No matter what kind of interpretations are raised, but it is the fact that this song is a masterpiece - nothing else.
This song was written by a pure-hearted young man putting all his heart into, and it is just so special to both Fujifabric, themselves and the fans that each of us has a special feeling towards it.
The day is coming so soon that this song becomes acknowledged as a masterpiece of the world!
Do you agree with me?

English lyrics is available in the Lyrics on the right of this blog.

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