Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fuji-bitai (Translation of the Post on 23rd Oct)

Have you ever heard of "Fuji-bitai", which literally means "the forehead of Mt. Fuji"?

In old days, a Japanese lady, with hairline at the fringe forming the shape of Mt. Fuji, was thought to be beautiful.
Because in the Japanese lady's traditional hairstyle, the hair is put up all on the top of the head, so the forehead and the hairline on the forehead can be clearly seen unlike modern hairstyles.

Fuji-bitai was one of the criteria to judge beauty of ladies.
From Japanese point of view, it is true that Fuji-bitai looks more beautiful than the straight hairline on the forehead when wearing Japanese traditional costume, kimono.

My dog, Jack Russell Terrier, also has the beautiful Fuji-bitai!
The guests, who come to our home to visit us, always praise for it, and say, "She is a lovely dog! The owner is from where Mt. Fuji is, and the dog has beautiful Mt. Fuji on the forehead!".

Next week, I will have a look at one of the latest songs in Fujifabric's 5th album "Music" - "wedding song".
This song was written by Mr. Masahiko Shimura, and was played by Fujifabric in the wedding party of Ms. Omori, the Fujifabric's manager.

How Japanese people think about a wedding party?
What kind of style is Japanese wedding like?
What is the traditional world-view towards marriage in Japan?

I will translate some of Mr. Shimura's interviews talking about marriage.

Those who are thinking of having an international marriage with Japanese, don't miss it !
Have a lovely Sunday!

Today's song is "Waratte Sayonara" (”Good-bye with a smile).

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