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Bye Bye - Puffy and Fujifabric (Translation of the post on 21st Jan)


For non-Japanese fans, let me introduce relationship between other Japanese bands and Fujifabric at every opportunity now on.
Today's band is Puffy!
Some of Okuda Tamio fans might have already known them as Puffy's first producer was Tamio san.

Puffy, Okuda Tamio and Fujifabric belong to the same music company, Sony Music Artists (website of SMA).
Puffy consists of Ami Oonuki and Yumi Yoshimura, and made their debut in Japanese music world in May, 1996 as the first band produced by Tamio.  (Here is Puffy's official homepage)

"Asia No Jinshin"  (1996) was a million seller of the year, and it is still fresh in my memory that the Puffy's songs were very outstanding at that time being strongly influenced by Tamio's taste in Japan, where was full of Komuro's harsh techno-like artificial sounds.
I had never imagined that after some years, Puffy Ami Yumi would be on children's TV, and see them again here in Thailand!

At the time of their debut, Okuda Tamio criticised the band as "a band in height of a season" (implying that they would not stay long), but they have established their solid position in the music world and are celebrating their 15th year this year.

Shimura kun must have known Puffy since he was a high school student in Fujiyoshida City, as paying an extra attention to Tamio and Unicorn, I guess.
After Fujifabric has made their major debut in Sony, Shimura wrote two songs, "Bye Bye" and "Doki Doki" for Puffy for their 11th album, "Bring it!" released on 17th June 2009.  It was the first opportunity for Shimura to do his work on his own as a producer for other bands being away from Fujifabric.
The chorus was by Shimura in both songs, and in "Doki Doki" the other three members joined and played their instruments, too.

"Bye Bye" was one of Shimura's favourite songs and it was also recorded in Fujifabric's 5th album, "MUSIC", in their own musical arrangement, and it is surely sung by Shimura kun! (I just love to listen to "Doki Doki" sung by Shimura as a fan! How will he sing the girlish lyrics in his voice...?)


It is still fresh in our memory that Puffy sung "Bye Bye" and "Doki Doki" in Fuji Fuji FujiQ last July mourning Shimura's early death, and there, Ami and Yumi had a nice talk show on the stage teasing Shimura kun - laying a secret story bare that "the lyrics of Bye Bye is based on a true experience of Shimura" and "those two songs were originally written and dedicated to Puffy.  Shimura did not write it for his band.  We often face this kind of problem that a musician rearranges Puffy's song, and sell again under his/her name.  So, please prove here in front of everyone that the song was written for Puffy, ok?  We are so kind to let you use "Bye Bye" in your new album!"
It was really fun because Fujifabric fans all know that Puffy really loved Shimura kun.

Ami and Yumi were like flowers blooming on the stage among other male musicians.

"Bye Bye" is also popular among children especially among boys between 4 - 12 years old.  I have been asked to give a CD once!
I personally feel that Fujifabric's music strike our heart at the spiritual level, and "something" reaches children's and foreigner's heart.


There is no particular phrase in the lyrics requiring for extra explanation as it is following a stereotype of boy's and girl's love in any country. (please wait for an English translation!)
The setting of the song can be Tokyo, as "I" found "you" on a train.  (In my town, cars are a main source of transportation, not a train.)

"Even you have gone far away    that's right     take care"
"wish you in my heart    stay happy"

This song has been loved by many people who have shared a similar experience in the lyrics with outlook of their life.
"We" could not succeed our love at the end, but wish "you" a happy life with "your" new boy friend.  "I " pay respect to the past time when we were lovers and try to begin my new step, but there is another part of "me" missing you so much...
The criteria of love might vary between individuals and different races to a certain extent, but some honest feeling about love is embedded in this song.


Puu said...

Thanks for creating this site!
I love Fuji Fabric’s music and I’m very happy to find English site for Fuji Fabric here :) 

Have a nice day (o^_^o)/

(I wish you will translate Bye Bye too someday、I really love that song^^)

Jack Russell in Bangkok said...

Hi, dear!

Thank you for your comment, and it is always my pleasure to get your feedback.

Please accept my apology that translation of the lyrics is not making much progress, but I am glad to announce you that it's my intention to complete the work within next year.

Thank you for supporting Fujifabric always, and don't hesitate to send me your requests, too!!

Have a lovely Christmas.

love from Japan

Anonymous said...

Hi, i am a new fan of fujifabric and i have been searching songs of this band, but it's a little difficult get their translations because in my country this band is still unknown TuT (México)
And "Bye Bye" is one of my favorites songs, and I really want the meaning of the lyrics.
And i was wondering if you had it.

Thanks for reading! Sorry for my bad english.

杉山麻衣 Jack Russell Terrier in Bangkok said...

Hi, dear

Thank you for your comment from Mexico!
It is always nice to know that there are Fujifabric fans all over the world.

I have not yet translated the lyrics of 'Bye Bye', but I will prioritize the translation of the song as I have recieved quite a few requests here.

I will post the translation on the 5th album 'MUSIC' on the PAGE as well as on the normal post.
Please check it out!

How did you find Fujifabric?!
Are there many fans of Japanese rock?

I am very curious...

Please let me know if you have time.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy now :D
Thank you very much!
I knew Fujifabric with the song "Blue" ending from the anime "Ao Haru Ride"

And well, I investigated more of this band and when I realized I had already fallen in love with their music.

In Mexico there are a few people that like asian music like K-pop and songs of animes!!

But the style of FF it's really pretty for me, their songs touch my heart everytime I listen them!

杉山麻衣 Jack Russell Terrier in Bangkok said...


Now, I have put up the translation of the song, 'Bye Bye' both on the post and PAGES.

Thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm on Fujifabric.
I am just so so happy to know that their songs keep attracting new fans not only in Japan, but also in other countries.

Please keep in touch and let me know if you have any song you would like me to translate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work
in this page !
i am very glad to have found it (:

杉山麻衣 Jack Russell Terrier in Bangkok said...

It is my pleasure.
Thank you for your comment and request.