Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Season of Cherry Blossoms (Translation of Post on 30th Aug 2010)

(taken in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi in April 2010)

Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) is so special among many flowers, for Japanese people, and it has also special meanings to us.

Japanese Archipelago lays long stretching from South to North, and the climate varies between different areas. 
In my hometown, Yamanashi Prefecture, cherry trees bloom about the beginning of April to May.

In modern Japan,  March, the season of farewell (graduation, job transfer, retirement, etc) is passed by, and new life starts in April.
This is one of the reasons why Cherry Blossoms, which bloom in this particular season, give us an image of "blooming".

In tropical countries, like in Thailand, it is normal to see leaves and flowers on branchese at the same time, but in Japan, plants have different life cycle to tropical plants.
All leaves fall from deciduous trees in Autumn, and no leaves can be seen on trees.

In Spring, flower buds bloom first before leaves.

That is probably why the colour of blossoms look so pretty and vivid on dry brown trunks.

Since old days, going back to Heian Era (794 ~ 1192AD), it has been the enjoyments of the Japanese people, in Spring, to gaze and make merry under cherry trees in full bloom - no matters day or night.

When Cherry Blossoms pass the time of full bloom, they flutter down at once, so it is also a symbol of "transiency".
Their way of fluttering down is quite distinctive, and that touches our heart.

In Spring, even sunshine gets warmer, the wind blowing down from the mountains is still cool.
In such a breeze, Cherry Blossoms, which were in full bloom last night, flutter down the pale pink petals.
After it has once started to fall, petals keep fluttering down one after another.

If it rains, it is not surprising that all blossoms on a cherry tree are gone in only one night.
"That beautiful admirable Sakura blossoms are all gone, and baby leaves started shooting forth..."

Everything in this world has the time of bloom.
Time flies so quickly and things change...

Cherry blossoms remind us that all things are impermanent.

Please picture such Cherry Blossoms in your mind, and now enjoy listening to one of the Fujifabric's masterpiece.

Lyrics in English, please click on Fujifabric (1st Album) on the right side.


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Thank you so much for always giving us dreams\(^o^)/.
The first song of yours that I saw was "Wakamono no subete"by YouTube♪.
Since then, I am your fan^_^.
I particularly like "Akaneiro no yuuhi."
The Poem by Mr.Tamio Okuda was fabulous.
Thank you again for making all of us so happy~★.
Your fan,

私が始めて観たあなた曲はYouTubeでの「若者のすべて 」でした♪

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大変失礼しました<(_ _)>

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