Friday, 10 September 2010

Rainbow (Translation of Post on 9th Sep)

Please find a photo of rainbows taken in the middle of Bangkok city.
(Thank you for your beautiful photo, AIKO!)

If you look closer, do you notice this is a double-rainbow?

There are only three seasons in Thailand where I live - midsummer, rainy season and dry season.
We are in a rainy season right now.

A rainy season in Japan, called "Tsuyu" lasts for about a month, but here in Thailand, it can last more than 6 months (from May to the end of October).
Half of a year is taken away by a rainy season!

It does not mean that it rains for long hours a day under the dark cloudy sky.
Very different to rains in UK.
We don't get too annoyed by a long-lasting rainy season because it rains heavily at once, and then stops.
After minutes, the city is full of sunshine again.

But once it starts raining, it can rain very very HARD.
The description of rain is very precise in the short story  called "Rain", written in Bangkok by Willliam Somerset Maugham (1874-1965), an English novelist.

Heavy rain falling in a rain forest can have its own charm, but a large area of rain forests in Thailand is destroyed  these days, and as a result, a flood is a serious problem in here now.

In a big city like Bangkok, as drain system is not working well, seeing rain water flooding on roads is our daily experience.

This is what it is like in Thailand in a rainy season.

But we don have something depressing only - we also have something happy nice, too.
A beautiful rainbow in the sky !!

Probably due to frequent rains, we have more chance to see rainbows, and a double-rainbow is not something too surprising to see.
It is maybe a gift from God to the people living in a country with a long-lasting rainy season.

Fujifabric released the 5th single, "Rainbow" on 1st June 2005.

It was my first impression that "all the sound of instruments and vocalist's voice has a root in a supernatural sphere" somehow. 
It is also overlapped , in my mind, with the magical feeling of a rainbow in nature.

Surprisingly or not, this song is so popular among children.
Lyrics do not seem to have been written targeting for young children (surely not like nursery rhymes!) as you can notice, but children around me simply love this song very much.

There must be something hitting children's pure and innocent heart, I believe.

We do get excited at watching a rainbow by nature, no matter grown-ups or not grown-ups!

"Rainbow" is the song that Fujifabric themselves evaluated as "a positive unprecedented song aiming at a different direction".
On a summer day we found a rainbow just after a rain, walking on a street...
That memory flashes back clearly.

Enjoy listening.
”Niji" ("Rainbow") by Fujifabric

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