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'Hoshi Furu Yoru Ni Nattara' and the lyrics (Translation of the post on 18th May 2011)


Continued from the last post on 'Hoshi Furu Yoru Ni Nattara' ('When a starry night comes') from Fujifabric's 3rd album, 'Teenager'.

My first impression of this song was "the 'light'cheerful lyrics and the music", "not like Fujifabric much?".  The similar impression to a soap opera on TV in 80's to 90's, called "trendy drama" in Japanese language, which is full of artificial lightness and cheerfulness.
The quality of such characters differ from 'Pedal' or 'Teenager'.

Probably what Kanazawa kun aimed at successfully hit the target, which was 'healthy light pop music', but anyway, the first impression I had was "not like Fujifabric much".


What made me feel that way?
I have analyzed the cause of my feeling to write this post, and I think I have found one.

That is 'cool' English words in the lyrics.

'Nishi kara Higashi heto   Kumo ga drive shite'   ('From west to east   Clouds drift away')

'Damatte miteiru    Ochiteku souvenir'   ( 'Watching quietly   the falling souvenir')

When the lyrics is translated into English, it is quite difficult to see which part was English words!

For example, the first phrase could have been said, 'Nishi kara Higashi heto   Kumo ga nagarete' in Japanese, but the word, 'drive' (literally means 'drifting' in English) was intended to be used here preferably.

In the 2nd phrase, the English word, 'souvenir' comes.
This word is not a common word in Japanese language even considering there are many words of foreign origin in Japanese, especially loan words from Dutch, Portuguese and English.
Shimura kun had his own philosophy that Japanese is the best language to use in the lyrics to make Japanese listeners understand the message put in the song. Using 'cool' foreign words might trigger to attract young people, but that's it. At the end, nothing remains in our heart as the words cannot hit our heart deeply.

However in this song 'Hoshi Furu Yoru Ni Nattara', against Shimura kun's belief, quite a few English words were in the lyrics without much meaning, and this is one of the reasons why I feel "this is not like Fujifabric's style."

On the other hand, there are his original fabulous expressions, too.

For instance,
"Passing through    many skies
I will leave the town without looking back"

This expression is quite unique and original in Japanese, I think, but if written in English, it sounds too common.  This is another challenge for me how to express a beautiful phrase in Japanese when translated in English...   I will discuss this with my partner, and I will do my best to achieve my goal!


The sound of thunder is impressive in Fujifabric's lyrics.
Thunder reminds us summer as in East area of Japan, thunder rumbles when we have a shower in summer unlike on the side of Japan Sea, it rumbles just before a heavy snow.

A shower comes in mid summer with rumbling thunder. Then it's over and in the blue sky, clouds drift away in a fresh wind and in the soft sun, everything dries up.  In a while, the sun sets and many starts start sparkling in the sky. 'I' am leaving the town to meet pick up someone or something with a positive emotion.

Please excuse my poor expression on the music as it is not my special field, but the piano sound of synthesizer, a bass guitarand the chorus.

Let me introduce this song in the special version performed in the Rock festival on 29th and 30th December 2009, only 5 days after Shimura kun's tragic death.  So many Fujifabric fans and rock music fans gathered and watched the stage with no one on.
I cannot find a right word to express my feeling to see Shimura kun's hat on his quiet guitar on the stand.

Please enjoy listening to special "Hoshi Furu Yoru Ni Nattara".

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