Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Masahiko Shimura Exhibition in Fujiyoshida City


Good news for Fujifabric fans!

On the 2nd & 3rd November 2011, Masahiko Shimura Exhibition will be held in Fujiyoshida Rojin Fukushi Kaikan (Designated Facility Covered by Public Aid Providing Care to the Elderly).
He is the vocalist and guitarist of Fujifabric (Japanese rock band).

Date :
November 2nd   10am ~ 6pm
                 3rd    10am ~ 1pm (close time is earlier than usual as it's a national holiday. Wake up early and visit us!)

Place : Fujiyoshida Rojin Fukushi Kaikan

Address : 961-1 Shimoyoshida, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0004
               403-0004 山梨県富士吉田市下吉田961-1
Access : 12 minutes walk from Gekko-ji Station and 15 minutes walk from Shimo-yoshida Station on Fuji Kyuko Line.

Telephone Number : 0555-23-6230 (Not confirmed if an English speaker is available in the centre)

Entrance Fee : Free

Please have a look at the website of Fujiyoshida City for more details.
Public Facility for the Elderly in Fujiyoshida (in Japanese language)
Fujiyoshida Ciry Official English Website

Listen to the song, 'Anthem'. Does anything strike your heart? This is the world of Fujifabric!!

The exhibition is organized by United Shinmachi Town Neighbourhood Council - nothing to do with big organizations for commercial purposes.  In other words, Shimura kun's old neighbours are planning, organizing and putting up display in order to introduce the great musician form their town to the others.

Last year, a similar type of exhibition was held in his hometown, Fujiyoshida City, but because the target was local people who live around the town, it was not advertised widely in Japan. (It was reported on Yamanashi Daily Newspaper on 24th December 2010).
This year, it is opened up for everyone!

There will be many exhibits on display - Fujifabric's CD's since their debut, photos, newspaper articles on major and local newspapers which Shimura kun kept for himself, and more!
Thanks to Shimura kun's parents, and neighbourhood council, the exhibition has been made possible this year again.
As his neighbours, who have knows and loved him since little, are organizing it, it will be full of hand-made warmness, and his decency and genius show through exhibits for sure.

No matter if you are a Fujifabric fan or not, why don't you visit Masahiko Shimura Exhibition if on the tour in Fujiyoshida City?
Their music is as great as Mt. Fuji!!

Today's song is 'Teenager' in their 3rd album, 'Teenager'.
There are many other great songs of Fujifabric!

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