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Season of Cherry Blossoms has come - Sakura No Kisetsu (English Translation of the Post on 1st April 2011)


April has come.
It is the time to get a fresh start in both mind and body as spring has come!

On the 29th March 2011, Kofu Meteorological Observatory has announced that cherry blossoms have bloomed. It was nine days later than last year.
Even though in Fujiyoshida City, Shimura kun's home town, the climate is colder than Kofu City, cherry blossoms will be in full bloom in one or two weeks.

Another season of cherry blossoms have come.
The season of blossoms without Shimura kun.  It is already the second time since he passed away...

Last year, I wrote a post on the Fujiyoshida City calendar of 2011 with 12 beautiful photos of Mt. Fuji taken in the city by amateur and professional cameramen, and April is the one of cherry blossoms with Mt. Fuji with snow on the top in the back ground.  Unfortunately, the calendar is sold out, but you can look at those beautiful photos on this website. Fujiyoshida Calendar 2011


Cyureito (It is a monument to the faithful who died in battle.  Its official name is Arakura-yama Sengen Park), which is well known to Fujifabric fans because of the song, "Ukigumo", is situated on the top of the hill in Arakura-yama Sengen Shrine in Fujiyoshida City, and 500 cherry trees all over the park burst into bloom from the beginning till the middle of April every year.  Many people come to visit the park to see the iconic Japanese motif of spring - Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms.

Cherry trees planted in the park are called Somei-yoshino, and it was distinguished by the austere beauty of its large whitish flowers.

One of our old family friends, who is a skillful crystal grinder, told us that they used to export a large amount of crystal pendants engraved the scenery of Mt. Fuji, pine trees, cherry blossoms, five-storied pagoda, and Giesha, to USA before.  This kind of motif must be very popular among foreigners as it is an icon of Japan.

When we visited there last year, big tourist buses from Tokyo just arrived before us, and I was totally overwhelmed by the crowd.  It is hard to believe that the quiet town in country side suddenly becomes full of life - life of flowers and people, really!

Fujimi Kotoku Park is also famous in Fujiyoshida for beautiful scene of Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms.  Fujimi Kotoku Park

Today, let's take a look at Fujifabric's first single, 'Saura No Kisetsu' (Season of Cherry Blossoms).

I have written the post on this song before introducing the meaning of cherry blossoms to Japanese people.  The post on 'Sakura No Kisetsu' on 30th Aug 2010  The post was written for fans abroad for better insight, but today, I will write more on the song, itself.

'Sakura No Kisetsu' was released on 14th April 2004 as Fujifabric's first single CD of 'Shiki Ban' (literally meaning, "CDs of Four Seasons".  Fujifabric released a single CD each season for one year, totally, four seasons), coupled with 'Sakura Namiki,  Futatsu No Kasa' ('A Road Lined With Cherry Blossoms, Two Umbrellas').

Will be continued!

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