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English Translation of 'Bye Bye'

One of my aims in this blog is translating Fujifabric's lyrics, which Mr. Masahiko Shimura wrote for their 5 albums. A book called 'Shimura Masahiko Zen Shishu' (meaning 'A Whole Collection of Masahiko Shimura's Lyrics') was published in 2011, and the lyrics of 86 songs are beautifully printed. 

There are many of Fujifabric's songs, which are based on delicate sensitivities, lyricism and also Japanese beauty. It is almost like Shimura san's multi-dimensional character has been projected on the lyrics, and I thought it is such a shame to keep this wonderful music limiting to only Japanese listeners. 

Today, I have translated 'Bye Bye' into English.

'Bye Bye' is the 3rd song in the 5th album, 'MUSIC', released on the 28th July 2010. Shimura san initially composed this song for the Japanese rock band, 'Puffy' (in the album, 'Bring it!", released on 17th June 2009).

Mr. Masahiko Shimura  passed away in the middle of producing Fujifabric's 5th album, 'MUSIC', and other three members of the band completed the album using demo data which Shimura san left.  Fujifabric 'MUSIC' Special Site

Enjoy the song with the lyrics!

Bye Bye

待ちに待った土曜日 映画に誘ってみたら
二つ返事の君と 手を繋ぎ 街歩いた

晴れ渡った空には 大きな入道雲が
いつもこうしてなんでも 何気なく過ごしていた

それじゃバイバイ またバイバイ
繰り返しても帰れない 離したくても離せない手だ

君が居なくても こちらは元気でいられるよ
言い聞かせていても 涙が出るよ

君の選んだ人は とても優しい人なんだろな
遠くに行っても そう どうか元気で

冷め切ったこの部屋 君がいるんじゃないかと
鍵を開ければ現実 そっとライトを付けるよ

「愛」は何だい 分からない
分かるもんなら困らない 手はもう離してしまった

君の横顔が とても素敵だったことはもう
忘れたつもりでも 涙が出るよ

君の選んだ人は とても優しい人なんだろな
特に行っても そう どうか元気で

久しぶりに来た駅のホーム 何気なく電車に乗った
扉が閉まる瞬間に 窓越しに君を見つけた

君の横顔は 今では誰かのものなんだな
離れてく君見て 涙こらえて

君の横の人 想像通りの人だったね
心の中で祈る 幸せでいて

Bye Bye

The long-awaited Saturday        asked her to the film
She willingly agreed      held hands together and walked in the town

In the bright fine sky                with big columns of clouds
I’ve always spent time              like this, unconcerned 

Well then, bye-bye        bye-bye, once more
No matter how many times I try, I can’t leave
Your hands, I cannot just let go

Even when you are not around             I can manage
I tell myself so              but tears flow

The man who you’ve chosen                 a kind man, I believe
If you go far away                                please stay well

In this cold room                      hoping you might be in
Unlock the door and it’s reality             turn on the light gently

What is “love”?            no idea
If I knew, I wouldn’t be this troubled                I’ve let go of your hands

Your face viewed from the side                         was so beautiful   
I believed I’ve forgotten it
But still leaves me in tears

The man who you’ve chosen                 a kind man, I believe
If you go far away         sou      please stay well

At the platform of the station of which I haven’t been in a while
Got on a train with no reason
The moment the door closed, I spot you through a window

Your face                     now belongs to somebody else
Staring as you going further away         I tell myself not to cry 

A man beside you         is just like a man I had imagined

I wish you        a happy life

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