Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Evening Chimes changed to Fujifabric's 'Wakamono No Subete' in Fujiyoshida City - 2018 Summer

Strong sunshine tells the end of the rainy season, and hot bright summer is now approaching to Kanto region in Japan.

No matter how hot it is during daytime, on the foot of Mt. Fuji, where Fujiyoshida City is, the temperature starts dropping in the evening just after sunset (almost to 20℃), and the fresh cool breeze blows down from the surrounding mountains.

Rojiura No Bokutachi (literally meaning, "we, boys in the back alley") are delighted to announce that the Evening Chime this year, in Fujiyoshida City is changed to Fujifabric's 'Wakamono No Subete". Rojiura No Bokutachi consists of Masahiko Shimura's local friends in Fujiyoshida City and they have organised the series of events to introduce Mr. Shimura, who was the main vocalist, the guitarist and the music writer of Fujifabric, in their hometown.

'Resound To The Sky - The Evening Chime's At 6pm'
Date: 7th - 13th July, 2018
Time: 6pm
Music to be changed: 'Wakamono No Subete' ('All About Youth') by Fujifabric

Please find the details on the following homepage page;

Wakamono No Subete has recently drawn attention as Kiryuin Shou of the band, Golden Bomber, and Sugashikao sang the song in their own live concert. It has also won the 20th of "The Most Popular Fire Work Song Rankings 2018" .

Every year, three days before and after Masahiko Shimura's birthday, the 10th of July, and the anniversary of his death, the 24th of December, draw near, the evening chimes at 6pm are temporarily changed to Fujifabric's music, either 'Akane Iro No Yuhi' or 'Wakamono No Subete'.

The midsummer peak is over               That’s what the weatherman said on TV but it feels like things ain’t settled down yet here, in town. I don’t know why, but today’s chime at 5pm echoed in my heart, Put it down to something convenient, “Destiny”, let’s say.

This is the beginning part of 'Wakamono No Subete'.

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