Friday, 12 May 2017

Lyrics in romaji 歌詞の ローマ字表記を始めました

There was a request a few days ago from a fan in Mexico to transliterate the lyrics into Romaji. (Thanks, Jose Ruis!) I have now started writing the lyrics in Romaji (a method of writing Japanese using the letter of the Latin alphabets or Roman characters), and some songs, Kagerou, Ginga, and Kinen shashin, have been already uploaded in 'Pages", which is situated on the right bottom of this blog.

The greatest advantage of transliteration of the Japanese lyrics into the Romaji characters is oversea fans can easily sing the Fujifabric songs along CDs and even with a Karaoke machine!

I will try to complete transliterating all the lyrics of 86 Fujifabric songs which Masahiko Shimura wrote in his lifetime, so please be patient😊
I give the first priority to the singles.

If there are other requests, please do not hesitate to contact me through Contact Form on the right or send me an email on





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